I offer what the legal world calls “alternative billing”. In English, that means I don’t charge by the hour.

For the majority of the services that I offer, such as Copyright or Trademark filings, business entity formation, contract review, etc. I have a fixed fee depending on exactly what your needs are. For example, if you have a business partner and want to form a company, I would charge you a flat-fee to meet, determine the type of business entity that best fits your needs, and then a flat fee for the paperwork required for that type of business entity.

I’m happy to answer general questions about your needs and provide fee quotes for matters over the phone or in e-mail, free of charge.

However, I do not offer “free consultation” in the traditional sense–because I think when a lawyer offers a “free consultation” you get what you pay for. The majority of the time, an attorney in a free consultation is giving you a sales pitch for why you should hire them, not actually giving you solid advice on what you should do. I charge $125.00 for an actual consultation: I will listen to your issue and outline what I think it the best approach to solving it. If you hire me I will credit that $125 fee toward your final bill. If you don’t hire me, that’s no problem, I think you will still find my advice worth the small consultation fee.

Based on my recommendations, I’ll quote you a flat fee for your particular issue. That flat fee is all inclusive: no “additional” charges for phone calls, photocopies, faxes, or any of that.

My Guarantee

I also offer a “Name Your Price Guarantee”. If you are unhappy with the work I’ve performed, and you don’t think it was worth the invoiced amount, then name your price. You tell me what it was worth and that’s what you pay. No questions asked.